Monday, January 31, 2011

Review Tool & Result (group 2)

Hi guys. Here is some more result for the tool for group 2. We have 2 more group to finish. I will show you later. Before that:

Sample Image

1. Retouch Tool

2. Brush Tool

3. Stamp Tool

4. History Brush Tool

5. Eraser Tool

6. Paint Tool

7. Effect Tool

8. Dodge, Burn & Sponge Tool

Review Tool & Result (group 1)

Hello everyone. Today I will show you some example of the tool. Maybe this post will helpful to you to make it clear about the tools. Before this I just tell you theoretically, now I show you the result for some tools. I only use one image, so that easier to understand. Below is the sample. Before that:

Sample Image

1. Marquee Tool

2. Lasso Tool

3. Magic & Quick Tool

4. Cropping Tool

5. Coloring & Measurement Tool